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Obey Cooper socks in white/black


Classic sports sock with Obey logo and comfortable soft insole made of 85% cotton / 13% nylon and 2% spandex.One Size

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Based on the artistic design of illustrator, world renowned street artist and designer Shepard Fairey, Obey Clothing is a blend of progressive design in classic clothing and streetwear. The legendary OBEY Giant logo is inspired by the famous 70s and 80s wrestler Andre Roussimoff aka Andre the Giant. Fairey, known for his work in activism and world famous for designing Barack Obama’s Hope poster, created a street art campaign based on his work, Andre the Giant Has a Pose in 1989 that was primarily released as a sticker which traveled all across America. Over time, Fairey transformed his artwork stylistically and semantically into OBEY Giant, now an official trademark of Obey Clothing.

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